Swan Commodities & Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Swan commodities and exports is a venture of swan group. The company operates globally for commodity export major in Sugar, Alcohol, Molasses and Corn products. The company already has global presence in India, Dubai, & African countries and expanding business further in Brazil and European countries.

India is leading country in the world for producing Sugar, Alcohol and Molasses. Being a leading country of Sugar productions and Export, Indian global market is always in picture. Compare to the global demand, India, the world's second largest producer and biggest consumer, exports average amount of about 3.5 million tonnes of sweetener every year. The Sugar Industry is at a cross roads today, where it can leverage opportunities created by global shifts in sugar trade as well as the emergence of sugarcane as a source of renewable energy, through ethanol and cogeneration. Taking this advantage Swan Commodities & Exports is actively associated to export Sugar and Related Products in the global market.

Emerging businesses like fuel ethanol and structural changes globally including the removal of EU subsidies have provided new horizons for the sector. The sector today has transformational opportunities that would enable it not only to continue to service the domestic markets but also emerge as a significant carbon credit and power producer and support an ethanol blending programme of E10 and beyond.

Overall global market scenario and demand of sugar, alcohol and molasses motivates us to be in the global market. Being and exporter of these products we are supporting Indian economy and gaining profit in terms of new opportunities, innovation and maximum ROI for our stakeholders.